An Article

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Why is it important for ordinary people to help in the fight against crime?

Well It's impotant for ordinary people fight against crime because people need to feel safe, people need quiet to do thing out them house and inside them house and people can do many things to fight against the crime.

Firstly, they can call the police with a emergency button or with a short number phone like 133 in Chile or 911 in U.S.A. Some company install alarms house and some are very effective, people use it when they go to vacations or when they sleep at the night.

Secondly, some people have a gun in their houses but sometimes that robbery ends vey sad, can die any people, or the deliquent or homeowner but if die the deliquent inside the house that it's Self-defense and the homeowner will never go to the jail, that it's an advantage.

In conclusion, you always have to star prepare to stop theft at your home with alarm systems or guns or telephones, etc. so you can stop theft and you will have the oportunity to take them to the jail.

Mid-term writing task

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

I can't believe that I won the first prize. now I prefer only July because I will have holidays and the others months I must to work it, also I don't have enough time on the year for be in holidays so I think that the best month will be July, now about accomodation I prefer log cabins because are more comfortables and have all it necesary: bathroom, bed etc. the tents are uncomfortables. about the activities I choose photograph and tennis because photograph it's my life, I love take picture to the animals, people and the landscape and that place must be amazing and tennis because it's my favorite sport, I'm very good with the racket, my friends call me Javier Federer but I have a questions. have I to take some money? because that all it's pay for your but you didn't tell me how much and have I take my own camera or you lend me one?

I hope your answer very soon.


You have decided to enter a short story competition. The competition rules say that the story must begin or end with the following words:
They were sad to leave, but they had no choice.

Once upon a time three friends that rented a house near of the beach because they have to studing at the university and in that place they could study more relaxed. Each one have a bedroom but one day one of them dissapeared without trace and whole the small village know about his dissapareance, whole the village search the young student but suddenly appear a paper with a message "leave this house because if you don't leave it, you three die" "if you leave the house you will see to your friend with alive" they think about the message but they can't understand why do they have leave the house?
They were sad to leave it, but they had no choice. If they leave the house could see his friend .so, they leave the house and 2 days after could see his friend at the university with live.