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jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Why is it important for ordinary people to help in the fight against crime?

Well It's impotant for ordinary people fight against crime because people need to feel safe, people need quiet to do thing out them house and inside them house and people can do many things to fight against the crime.

Firstly, they can call the police with a emergency button or with a short number phone like 133 in Chile or 911 in U.S.A. Some company install alarms house and some are very effective, people use it when they go to vacations or when they sleep at the night.

Secondly, some people have a gun in their houses but sometimes that robbery ends vey sad, can die any people, or the deliquent or homeowner but if die the deliquent inside the house that it's Self-defense and the homeowner will never go to the jail, that it's an advantage.

In conclusion, you always have to star prepare to stop theft at your home with alarm systems or guns or telephones, etc. so you can stop theft and you will have the oportunity to take them to the jail.

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